Uber launches UberPlus in LA for ‘balling on a budget’


In an appearance-obsessed city like Los Angeles , image, dahling , is everything. That’s why you can’t simply take a taxi between auditions, the juice bar and hanging out at your agent’s office. Your ride should be stylish , but thrifty, since an UberBlack would empty your bank account in the better part of a week. That’s why Uber is launching UberPlus, a service that slots in between Uber X and UberBlack and offers “balling on a budget.” Rather than rolling up in a Prius, you’ll have a pick of lower-level executive rides like a BMW 3 Series, C-Class Benz or an Audi A4. Even better, is that UberPlus’ minimum fee is just $5, $3 less than UberBlack, which is good, since the only thing standing between you and moving back home is the residuals from that vitamin infomercial. Filed under: Cellphones , Transportation Comments Via: Uber LA (Twitter) , Gizmodo Source: Uber

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Uber launches UberPlus in LA for ‘balling on a budget’


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