UK to let driverless cars loose on roads by January


Anxious to start… not driving in the UK? Though late to the party, the government is has announced that driverless cars will hit the streets in three UK cities starting in January 2015. To kickstart research, the Department of Transport also launched a £10 million ($17 million) fund. All of that follows an announcement that the government was re-coding road laws to accommodate such vehicles. US states followed a similar trajectory back in 2011 by first passing new road laws, then approving self-driving vehicles for road use, accompanied by a human driver. There are now quite a few players in the self-driving game, which only kicked off in earnest once Google jumped in . Since then, new projects have launched from Volvo , Audi and Google again . A UK company called MIRA specializing in such vehicles told Sky News that though it had driverless tech, “we lag behind actually getting (it) into some real field trials.” [Image credit: AP/Michael Sohn] Filed under: Transportation Comments Via: BBC Source: Telegraph

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UK to let driverless cars loose on roads by January


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