UK Town To Get Driverless ‘Pods’ Mixing With Pedestrians


Bruce66423 writes “Milton Keynes is the most successful new town in the U.K., being built on a green field site from the ’60s onward. Initially famous for concrete cows, it is the home of the Open University, which offers college-level courses at home. Now, the U.K. Business Secretary has announced plans to have small driverless cars shuttle people around parts of the town starting in 2015. There will be about 20 of the pod-like vehicles to start, each capable of holding two people. They will have their own pathways and move at about 12mph. The plan is to continue developing and testing the vehicles, and by 2017, 100 of them will share walkways with pedestrians.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

UK Town To Get Driverless ‘Pods’ Mixing With Pedestrians


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