Ultra-hot superconductors could spontaneously form in the vacuum of space [Mad Science]


    A hundred years ago next week, superconductivity was discovered. Now we know electric charge can flow through ultra-cold objects without resistance. How better to celebrate this anniversary than with an awesomely crazy idea about ultra-hot superconductors forming in deep space? More


    1. It is clear that English is not you first language (and my German is mminial) but more important is the issue of communication with ordinary, intelligent people who are interested in astronomy but lack the specialist lingo. I presume your own audience is fellow academics because, in all honesty, I do not believe that ordinary people will understand jargon such as: “the 2-sigma limits on the mass ratio and the finite source measurements are weak” and “Nevertheless, the microlensing parallax signal clearly favors a sub-stellar mass planetary host”. Fortunately this means there will always be work for journalists who can translate the jargon, so I will not complain!


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