USB 3.1 and Type-C: The only stuff at CES that everyone is going to use


I have a USB Type-C cable—yeah, the reversible one . I can’t connect it to anything I own yet, but it’s a real thing that’s in production and shipping to companies. Most of CES amounts to so much smoke and mirrors and vague hand-waving about the Future, but I can say with confidence that this little port is a thing that everyone reading this will start using in the next couple of years. I got the cable from the USB Implementers Forum as part of a general update on the state of both USB 3.1 and the new reversible Type-C connector. There wasn’t much information about either spec that we haven’t already heard, but the difference is that the connector and spec update are very close to being in our hands. Early adopters, and where we’ll see Type-C connectors Products using either the Type-C connector, the USB 3.1 spec, or both are already floating around CES—there’s the Nokia N1 Android tablet on the mobile side, and MSI’s new USB 3.1 laptop and motherboard on the PC side. By the end of the year, we expect to see more mainstream products taking up the standard as well. Read 15 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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USB 3.1 and Type-C: The only stuff at CES that everyone is going to use


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