USB-IF posts first photos of new reversible Type-C connector


The new USB Type-C connector compared to current A and B plugs. USB-IF USB Type-A. USB Type-B. Mini-USB Type-A. Mini-USB Type-B. Micro-USB Type-A. Micro-USB Type-B. That special, ugly variant of micro-USB Type-B you need to use for phones with USB 3.0 support. These are the different types of connectors you have to be aware of to use your current USB-equipped computers, phones, tablets, printers, and whatever other accessories you might have. The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) wants to simplify this problem by rallying behind the new Type-C connector, a new specification designed to replace current Type-A and Type-B plugs of all sizes. While we already knew that the USB Type-C connector would be smaller than many existing connectors and that (like Apple’s Lightning cables) it would be reversible, we didn’t know exactly what it would look like before today. The renderings released by the USB-IF today are still subject to change, but they show a Type-C connector that looks pretty much like you’d expect. Current cables usually use different Type-A and Type-B plugs on either end out of necessity—most computers use standard-sized Type-A connectors, while phones and cameras need either mini- or micro-sized Type-B connectors on the other end. Type-C will eventually supersede all of them, providing the same type of connector on both computers and phones. Read 2 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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USB-IF posts first photos of new reversible Type-C connector


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