Virtualization startup puts desktop apps seamlessly in the cloud


For software developers, cloud services solve all sorts of problems. They make it easy to ensure license compliance, they keep customers running up-to-date software, and they skip the need for downloads and installations. But cloud services also have their issues. It’s hard for cloud services to take advantage of local compute resources such as fast CPUs and powerful GPUs. A compute-intensive cloud service will need to buy a lot of computation. They also lack the vast array of rich, complex desktop applications that already exist. Starting today, a startup is aiming to create the best of both worlds with a cloud offering it’s describing as “Native as a service.” Numecent claims that it can take almost any desktop application and convert it into a cloud offering within a few hours. The software is delivered to end-user PCs using Numecent’s “cloudpaging” technology , which downloads applications on a piecemeal, as-needed basis. The downloaded portions of the application are retained client-side in an encrypted store. This enables Numecent to also enforce license conditions and prevent piracy. Read 4 remaining paragraphs | Comments        

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Virtualization startup puts desktop apps seamlessly in the cloud


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