Watch Korea’s Real Gundam Take Its First Steps With A Human Pilot


It’s a little hard to believe at first sight, but Korea’s Hankook Mirae Technology company has released video of their human piloted mech walking. It’s called the Method-2, and the 13 foot 1.3 ton machine looks like something CG plucked out of a movie. Though untrue, this isn’t terribly wrong, since its lead designer, Vitaly Bulgarov, has a professional background in SFX. The Method-2 is being conceived of as an option for emergency response in dangerous conditions, but it’ll need a better power pack before it gets unleashed. In the meantime, it’s already handling well upright, both in forward and backward modes, and its arms function well too. Here’s the first video of the mega mech walking, posted to Facebook by Bulgarov. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE In this video Bulgarov himself enters and pilots the arms:  IS THIS JUST FANTASYYY At this point, it sounds like the team’s short term plan is to modify a legless version for faster response time in industrial settings. That sounds wise, but now that I’ve seen this awesome walker in action, I’ll be sitting on my (puny flesh) hands until we see more of it.

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Watch Korea’s Real Gundam Take Its First Steps With A Human Pilot


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