Watts Bar Unit 2 Is The First New US Nuclear Reactor In Decades


tomhath writes from a report via The Washington Post: The Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Watts Bar Unit 2 is the first nuclear reactor to come online since 1996, when the Watts Bar Unit 1 started operations. The new reactor is designed to add 1, 150 megawatts of electricity generating capacity to southeastern Tennessee. By summer’s end, authorities expect the new reactor at this complex along the Chickamauga Reservoir, a dammed section of the Tennessee River extending northward from Chattanooga, to steadily generate enough electricity to power 650, 000 homes. But while nuclear reactors account for the lion’s share of the carbon-free electricity generated in the United States, the industry faces this new set of circumstances in a state of near-crisis. A combination of very cheap natural gas and deregulated energy markets in some states has led to a growing number of plant closures in recent years. A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance says that renewable energy, including solar, wind and hydroelectric will overtake natural gas as an energy source by 2027. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Watts Bar Unit 2 Is The First New US Nuclear Reactor In Decades


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