Webflow’s “first visual CMS” is like WordPress mixed with Photoshop


A demo video showing off Webflow CMS. Web design tools like Webflow have done a lot to thin the line between designers and developers. Now, however, the birthed-by-Y-Combinator startup wants to take it further with what it describes as the world’s first visual content management system (CMS). There’s not much to it right now. In a nutshell, Webflow CMS is a barebones WordPress installation jammed into a Photoshop-like interface. The idea here is to provide a way to create “completely custom websites powered by dynamic content” without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, or databases. And to an extent, it works. The Webflow CMS allows users to create or use pre-existing “Collections”—templates for dynamic content types. From there, you can then determine the kind of fields associated with the Collection, such as whether they’re mandatory to be completed, if they’re to be linked to another Collection, and what kind of minimum word counts are to be expected. These criteria are universal for any instance of the Collection. All Blog Posts, for example, will draw from the parent Blog Posts Collection. Read 4 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Webflow’s “first visual CMS” is like WordPress mixed with Photoshop


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