What Does the U.S. Even Make, Anymore? This Website Shows You



    As an American, I have this fear that it doesn’t matter what we do and that U.S. manufacturing is going the way of the dodo. I have this fear that every success story we read about someone manufacturing in America and making a profit is just a drop in the bucket, and that creating hundreds of manufacturing jobs won’t help because we need millions of manufacturing jobs. But until someone shows me that statistic, I’ll hold out a little hope.

    Two people who not only share that hope but are passionate about it are Eric Brian Smith and Mary Tayloe Yang, the creatives and founders behind Palo Alto’s XY3D animation firm. In their spare time they’ve put together a website, US Groove, that presents U.S.-made goods in a blog format. Divided by category, the site lists furniture, electronics, tools, automotive products, bags, clothing, jewelry and more.


    “It’s a myth that outsourcing is the only way to make a profit,” says Smith. “The only things that tend to make financial sense importing are products with billions of interconnected parts.”

    “Once you know what the U.S. is good at making competitively,” adds Yang, “it becomes easier to shop American and help pull the U.S. economy back together and put it back into the groove.”

    So it can be put back in the groove… right?


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    What Does the U.S. Even Make, Anymore? This Website Shows You


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