Why the video pros are moving away from Apple


    Six months after the launch of Final Cut Pro X (FCPX), Apple’s major overhaul to its professional video editing software Final Cut Pro, video pros find themselves increasingly looking at other software options. The new version of Final Cut Pro was controversial—there were significant changes to the Final Cut interface, a plethora of editing features were taken away, and worst of all, Final Cut Pro X was rendered unable to import projects from previous versions of the software. For video editors and producers with years of work using Final Cut Pro, the launch of Final Cut Pro X made it seem like Apple no longer cared for its market of creative professionals.

    Is that still the case now, half a year later? TV production company Bunim/Murray recently brought the issue back into the public consciousness by announcing that it was switching from Final Cut Pro to Avid, noting that the company needed “a partner who would understand our long-term needs.”

    As it turns out, the reaction to Bunim/Murray’s announcement from creative pros was, “took them long enough.” We spoke to a handful of professionals who work in the video production industry to see how they’re feeling now that the dust has settled, and the general consensus appears to be “not good.”

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    Why the video pros are moving away from Apple


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