Windows 10 ‘Creator’s Update’ coming for free next spring


Even though the Surface line of convertible PCs has made Microsoft a hardware contender, its world still revolves around Windows 10. At today’s event, the company has revealed a lot of details about the next Windows 10 release, dubbed the “Creator’s Update.” That all starts with a new version of Paint it previewed earlier this month that’s far from version you may have created a pixelated doodle with. Instead, it allows you to scan objects from the real world and bring them into a 3D environment. “If we want to make 3D creation for everyone. It has to be as easy as taking a photo, ” Saunders says. The new app lets you scan real objects and get them into Paint as a full 3D object. She showed off the new Capture 3D tool, by walking slowly around a sand castle model with a smartphone and capturing it in full 3D. There’s also a new Community pane that allows you to find and pull in creations from other users. During the demo, Saunders pulled in a 3D cloud created by another user, and used it in montage featuring her daughters. She was able to then transform that into a complete 3D object and, naturally, share the whole thing on Facebook. Naturally, as this is Microsoft, the company showed how such 3D objects can be used in PowerPoint. Developing …

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Windows 10 ‘Creator’s Update’ coming for free next spring


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