Wood-Burning El Camino


    We’ve posted about wood gas burning cars before, but those were cars not inherently cool, namely a Yugo and an old Citroën. An El Camino, on the other hand, is awesome even if it can’t run. This one, however, dubbed the El Kamina, works quite well on a wood-burning engine:

    Juhas Sipilä’s 1987 El Camino, affectionately dubbed “El Kamina” (The Stove), features a very steampunk-like woodgas generator taking up about half of the truckbed. El Kamina’s 400 Chevy engine can take the 4,400 pound truck about 125 miles on 175 pounds of biomass, or about 1.4 pounds of biomass-per-mile. The truck itself can carry enough fuel for around 800 total miles of travel.

    Video at the link.

    Link via Glenn Reynolds | Photo: Juha Sipilä

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    Wood-Burning El Camino


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