WordPress Founder Accuses Wix Of Stealing Code


An anonymous reader writes: “Wow, dude I did not even know we were fighting, ” Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami posted on the company’s blog Saturday — responding to WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, who on Friday accused Wix of stealing their code. “The claim is that the Wix mobile apps distribute GPL code and aren’t themselves GPL, so they violate the license, ” Mullenweg wrote. Abrahami argued that “Everything we improved there or modified, we submitted back as open source, ” adding “we will release the app you saw as well… ” Mullenweg responded “It appears you and [lead engineer] Tal might share a misunderstanding of how the GPL works, ” ultimately adding “software licensing can be tricky and many people make honest mistakes.” Wix had also argued they’re giving back to the open source community by listing 224 public projects on their GitHub page. “Thank you for the offer to use them, ” Mullenweg responded. “If we do, we’ll make sure to follow the license you’ve put on the code very carefully.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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WordPress Founder Accuses Wix Of Stealing Code


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