Yik Yak’s anonymous chat app is shutting down


Just four years after it started, Yik Yak is shutting down. In the past couple of years, issues like bullying have taken a toll on the allure of the anonymous internet , while this app had its own issues with threats and harassment. In a blog post , the Yik Yak team didn’t explain their reasons for shutting down, but did confirm earlier reports that a “few members” will join Square. In 2015 we recounted the rise and fall of Secret , however others like Whisper and Confide are still going. Business Insider reports that it raised more than $73 million in venture capital, but struggled to keep its users as students migrated to other apps like Snapchat. Via: Business Insider Source: Yik Yak

Yik Yak’s anonymous chat app is shutting down


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