You can now inhale shots like air for just $700


Drinking is great, but there are so many drawbacks — the calories, the glass that’s cramping your dancing style, the half-hour wait for the buzz. Fortunately, Vapshot can solve all those issues (apart from the alcoholism) with its Vapshot mini machine by letting you inhale your liquor at home instead of drinking it (see the video below). You can grab one in white for $700 or stainless steel for $899, and extra bottles are $9 each. As we saw last month at our Austin, Texas Engadget event , it’s simple to operate: you just insert your booze of choice, vaporize it into a serving bottle and inhale with a straw. You can even combine the “air shots” with regular shots or mixed drinks. Though it may sound sketchy, Vapshot says their machine is the only model lab-tested for vaporizing alcohol, and is “well within” the acceptable levels for that purpose. We’ll have to take its word for that, but if you’re curious and living in Seattle, guess what? You can check it out for yourself at our Engadget Live Seattle event this Friday, July 18th. We’d recommend getting there early for, er, reasons. Filed under: Misc Comments Source: Vapshot

You can now inhale shots like air for just $700


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