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“A Virginia Beach Circuit Court this week ruled that an individual in a criminal proceeding cannot be forced to divulge the passcode to his cellphone as it would violate the self-incrimination clause of the Fifth Amendment. At the same time, the Court held that an individual can be compelled to give up his fingerprint to unlock Touch ID, or any fingerprint protected device for that matter.” – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Jailbreaking is a process that changes little by little with each iOS upgrade. Rather than always publishing new guides, we’re simply going to keep this one up to date. If you want to jailbreak your iOS device, you’ve come to the right page. Read more…

Roku Now Has Google Play, Is Pretty Much Unstoppable

Posted by kenmay on October - 31 - 2014

Roku was already the best little streaming device money could buy . But now, Google has gone and given Roku access to all your Google Play goodies . Which, more than just being an unprecedented move on Google’s part, makes Roku pretty much unstoppable. Read more…

 Samsung vowed to introduce more metallic devices when it revealed its disappointing Q3 2014 earnings yesterday, and it wasted no time doing so after announcing the Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A3 — two metallic devices that it calls its “slimmest smartphones to date.” Read More

Love your morning coffee break, but hate having to wait in line amongst the masses? Well, Starbucks will allow you skip line entirely with its new app. Just place your order via that trusty smartphone, and you’ll be able to walk in and pick it up. Of course, the company’s mobile software sorts payments too, which certainly helps expedite the process . What’s more, plans for a delivery option are in the works for folks who belong to its loyalty program — but only in select markets. “Imagine the ability to create a standing order of Starbucks delivered hot to your desk daily, ” CEO Howard Schultz said. “That’s our version of e-commerce on steroids.” The new version of the bean-slinging mobile app is set to arrive in December, beginning with Portland, Oregon before a nation-wide rollout in 2015. [Image credit: Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images] Filed under: Software , Mobile Comments Source: Advertising Age

Good news Microsoft Office power users! You’ll soon be able to use the new and improved Outlook for Mac. That’s good news, because the new Outlook for Mac looks pretty awesome . And since a lot of people use Outlook, this upgrade is going to improve a lot of email experiences. Read more…

Facebook Sets Up Shop On Tor

Posted by kenmay on October - 31 - 2014

itwbennett writes: Assuming that people who use the anonymity network want to also use Facebook, the social network has made its site available on Tor, Facebook software engineer Alec Muffett said in a post on Friday. Facebook also decided to encrypt the connection between clients and its server with SSL, providing an SSL certificate for Facebook’s onion address. This was done both for internal technical reasons and as a way for users to verify Facebook’s ownership of the onion address. Since it is still an experiment, Facebook hopes to improve the service and said it would share lessons learned about scaling and deploying services via an onion address over time. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Denmark Plans To Be Coal-Free In 10 Years

Posted by kenmay on October - 31 - 2014

merbs writes “Earlier this year, Denmark’s leadership announced that the nation would run entirely on renewable power by 2050. Wind, solar, and biomass would be ramped up while coal and gas are phased out. Now Denmark has gone even further, and plans to end coal by 2025. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Microsoft has released a new version of Outlook for Mac, available to Office 365 subscribers, with a refined interface and better push email support. Read more on the Office blog . Read more…

Thanks to a settlement in a long-running class-action lawsuit, Intel is now offering fifteen shiny dollars to anyone who bought a Pentium 4-powered PC almost fifteen years ago. One dollar per year of lying and misery that you’ve had to suffer. Read more…