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Coconut Water Is Great, Shut Up

Posted by kenmay on October - 25 - 2014

Coconut water is a delicious and healthy beverage, and it is good for you. If you drink it after going to yoga class or for a jog, you will be hydrated and receive nutritional benefits. Read more…

Google exec sets a new record for highest-altitude jump (video)

Posted by kenmay on October - 25 - 2014

Move over Felix Baumgartner (pictured above) — just two years after the daredevil’s record setting 128, 000 foot Red Bull Stratos space jump , Google VP Alan Eustace has topped it. The New York Times reports Eustace rode a balloon 135, 908 feet above New Mexico and dove back to Earth, opting for just a specially designed spacesuit / life support system instead of Baumgartner’s capsule + suit combo . It took two hours for the ride up, and another 15 minutes for the trip down, which peaked at speeds of up to 800 mph before the parachute system kicked in, and he glided back down to a landing site 70 miles away from where he started. He’s apparently been working on the project since 2011, and declined assistance from Google to go it alone, working with Paragon Space Development Corporation on the project, dubbed “StratEx.” He recorded the whole thing on GoPro cameras (of course) and you can watch highlights from the feat embedded after the break. [Image credit: AP Photo/Red Bull Stratos, Balazs Gardi] Filed under: Misc , Transportation , Google Comments Via: Larry Page (G+) Source: New York Times , Paragon SDC

The Queen Just Sent Her First Tweet

Posted by kenmay on October - 24 - 2014

Pray silence…for the Queen’s first tweet. 88-year old Elizabeth II sent a message from the royal @BritishMonarchy account this morning to mark the grand opening of the Science Museum’s new Information Age Gallery. Bless. Read more…

I never thought of this, but you can fit all the planets in the Solar System back to back into the distance from the Earth to the Moon—about 238, 900 miles (384, 400 kilometers)—with room to spare: 4, 990 miles (8, 030 kilometers.) Seeing it visualized really give you a good idea of how much empty space is out there. Read more…

The cloud has been a solid source of income for Microsoft in recent times, and while the company is still in the middle of a huge transition, the future is looking bright under recently appointed CEO Satya Nadella. Today, Microsoft released its earnings for the first fiscal 2015 quarter, with the main takeaway being the growth of its Devices and Consumer revenue by 47 percent, to $10.96 billion, and a total of $23.20 billion in overall revenue, a 25 percent increase compared to the same period last year. In other words, business is superb over in Redmond. Part of the reason for this is how successful its productivity suite, Office 365, has been — there are now over 7 million subscribers to the Home and Personal software. What’s more, Microsoft revealed that the Surface Pro 3 drove the momentum of its Surface line to a revenue amount of $908 million; meanwhile, 2.4 million Xbox units were sold during the quarter, though the company didn’t specify how many of those were for its newest console, the Xbox One. Developing… [Image credit: Michael Kappel/Flickr] Filed under: Desktops , Laptops , Tablets , Software , Microsoft Comments

iOS 8 Jailbroken, We Recommend Holding Off for Now

Posted by kenmay on October - 24 - 2014

The same team who released the kind of sketchy iOS 7 jailbreak has released a jailbreak for iOS 8.1. Currently, it’s Windows-only, in Chinese, and doesn’t install Cydia by default. Read more…

If you were thinking of milking Bitcasa’s unlimited cloud storage for all it’s worth, you’d better have an alternative lined up. The company is dropping its signature Infinite storage option after November 15th, in tandem with an upgrade to new infrastructure. You’ll have to migrate to a limited tier (such as the new 10TB, $999 per year Pro plan) if you want to keep all your content. Why the sudden clampdown? According to Bitcasa, you probably weren’t using it — only 0.1 percent of its accounts chew through more than 10TB. Moreover, some of those that are consuming that much space are reportedly abusing it at a level which “seems impossible” for any one person. The company hasn’t elaborated on what these nogoodniks are doing beyond violating the terms of service, but it’s easy to see a company trying to use Bitcasa as a makeshift storage server. While it makes sense for Bitcasa to cut little-used services that cost a lot of money to run, the transition risks rubbing a lot of Infinite subscribers the wrong way. In addition to forcing users to cut back on cloud storage, there aren’t any planned refunds for customers who want to stay — if you just paid for a year’s worth of unlimited capacity, you’re probably going to feel shortchanged. It won’t be surprising if the company eventually extends an olive branch, but this still means that you’ll have to drop dreams of storing all your digital belongings online. [Thanks, Sean] Filed under: Storage , Internet Comments Source: Bitcasa Blog

Uber brings on-demand flu shots to Boston, NYC and DC for a day

Posted by kenmay on October - 23 - 2014

If there’s one thing on-demand car startup Uber likes more than ferrying people around, it’s trying to grab people’s attention with kooky promo stunts. Uber for barbecue ? Uber wedding packages ? Pairing riders with attractive lady drivers ? Been there, done that (for better or worse). Every once in a while though, Uber cooks up something genuinely useful and today is one of those days: if you live in Boston, Washington DC or New York City, you can order an on-demand flu shot for you and up to nine of your friends until 3PM Eastern. No, really. You’ll have to punch the promo code “HEALTH” into the app, but once that’s done you can flag down a roaming nurse to either drop off a flu prevention kit or administer those shots. Uber refers to the day’s events as a pilot program flying under the UberHealth banner that could wind up marrying Uber’s logistical might with even more valuable health services, like bringing doctors straight to doorsteps. If that sounds a little familiar, you may be thinking of a New York startup called Pager (which is actually helping power today’s flu shot promo) that does something similar, and it’s not hard to imagine a frenzied MD responding to an in-app house call by jumping into a Uber some day down the road. Anyway. Uber warns that high demand means you’ll probably have to be very patient, but hey — free flu shots! Why the hell not. Seeing as how we’re a bunch of cynical jerks, we feel compelled to remind you that Uber’s operations definitely aren’t all sunshine and roses . After all, Uber’s got a precarious little balancing act going on: it’s positioning itself to the people an valuable alternative to the traditional cab experience, and pissing off the drivers powering its success at the same time. Filed under: Mobile Comments Source: UberHealth

Why Sweden Commissioned Its Own Typeface

Posted by kenmay on October - 23 - 2014

The idea of branding a place is a fairly new one, and the notion of place-based typefaces is even newer, with national and local governments from Qatar to Chattanooga commissioning their own fonts. The latest country to set its on typeface is Sweden—but it’s also questioning whether a national font is a bit too nationalistic for their progressive Scandinavian sensibilities. Read more…