Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus wrap more power in a glass-backed design


Apple is likely to announce more phones than any event in its history. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are two major parts of today’s showcase, and after all those tantalizing leaks, we finally get to hear all about them. After all the leaks, and anticipation, you thankfully won’t have wait much longer to handle one: both iPhone 8 models will go on preorder September 15th, with a launch date of September 22nd. For the bigger handset, you’ll get to pick storage configs from 64GB up to 256GB, while iPhone 8 shoppers will get 64GB and 256 GB options. So how about the cameras? The iPhone 8 has a 12-megapixel camera — it’s a new sensor with a new color filter, while the iPhone 8 Plus, with its dual camera, gets a duo of 12 megapixel sensors. Notably, the wide-angle lens has a f/1.8 aperture, while the telephoto one now has f/2.8. What would a new Portrait Lighting, still in beta at the moment, will separate your portrait from the foreground, analyse the lighting and add a different effect as wanted. The effect will be generated on the fly — it’s not a filter per se, but generated by the iPhone itself.(Don’t worry, you’ll also be able to tweak these later, after taking a shot.) Video gets some love too: faster frame-rates for both iPhones, as well as image and motion analysis. The pho Developing… Follow all the latest news from Apple’s iPhone event here!

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Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus wrap more power in a glass-backed design


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