Reebok’s new foam space boots bring comfy kicks to astronauts


Whether it’s using corn to make sustainable sneakers , or 3D printing some pretty out there looking footwear, Reebok isn’t afraid of taking bold new steps with its shoes. Now, however, it looks like the brand has decided to take one giant leap for mankind. On Tuesday, Rebook revealed that it’s developing a new type of shoe for an upcoming mission to the International Space Station. Christened The Floatride Space Boot SB-01, Reebok’s latest is looking to replace the tough and tragically uncool leather boots that have cramped astronauts’ feet (and style) for years. The reason for calling on Rebook to make the wrestling boot-esque Floatride is that Boeing is sending its astronauts to the ISS clad in a shiny new lightweight space suit. Like with any solid new outfit, Boeing has decided that these spacemen’ll need fresh new kicks to match. The sci-fi-looking space boot uses Reebok’s Floatride foam, which adds an extra layer of cushioning to the midsole without adding extra weight to the shoe. This latest tech is used in the brand’s latest sneakers too, the Floatride Run. In an interview with Digital Trends , Reebok’s Vice president of Innovation, Dan Hobson describes The Floatride as “a hybrid of a runner, sandal, wrestling boot, and aviator boot.” Unfortunately, the verdict is still out on the SB-01s with Astronauts currently testing the new kicks. Still, with the classic space boot not seeing an update in the last fifty years, we’re sure that these comfy-looking new shoes will be a welcome sight for many achy astronauts. Source: Designboom

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Reebok’s new foam space boots bring comfy kicks to astronauts


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