Skype 6.1 for Windows adds Outlook integration, (slightly) refreshed toolbar


Skype’s latest update has arrived on Windows (although not Windows 8) and, likely due to its status within Microsoft , it’s integrated Outlook features into version 6.1 alongside some cosmetic refreshes. You can now get access to your Skype contacts’ status, mood message and other contact details within Outlook contact cards, with the same profiles now appearing within the Skype program. You also call any phone number from within Outlook , with Skype already doing the legwork of connecting to any contact whose details are stored within your email client. Better still, if you’ve already got them added as a contact in Skype, you can send instant messages and make or video calls from the outset. These features will work on Outlook 2010, while it’s now easier to add new contacts to Skype when you don’t already have a someone in your contact list. You can pick up the new integrated app (with a gently tweaked toolbar) at the source. ( Update: We’ve also been informed that the Mac version has been bumped up to version 6.1, and you’ll now be able to call direct from Safari webpages.) Filed under: Software , Microsoft Comments Source: Skype

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Skype 6.1 for Windows adds Outlook integration, (slightly) refreshed toolbar


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