The Ataribox will cost under $300 and ship next spring


Atari has so far kept pretty schtum about its forthcoming Ataribox , but in an email newsletter it’s now revealed a few nuggets of information that should tide fans over until the console’s Indiegogo launch this fall. As the newly-released pictures show, design-wise you can expect an Atari 2600 influence with a modern twist (and yes, that is real wood). Inside, the console will be powered by an AMD customized processor and run Linux, so you’ll be able to tinker with the OS and access games bought from other platforms, as well as do all the usual PC-for-TV things, such as streaming, listening to music and navigating social media. Frustratingly, there’s still no word on pre-loaded games, although the company says it’ll “start talking titles very soon”. However, it has said it plans on shipping in late spring 2018, with an expected price tag of $250-$300 (£185-£225). Fans who get involved with the Indiegogo campaign, coming this fall, will be able to get their hands on special editions and exclusive pricing. And by then they’ll be chomping at the bit.

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The Ataribox will cost under $300 and ship next spring


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