11-08-11 – Privacy and Big Data


Terence Craig is the CEO and CTO of PatternBuilders, a “big data” analytics services and solution provider that helps organizations across industries understand and improve their operations with advanced analytics. With over 20 years of experience in executive and technical management roles with leading-edge technology companies, Terence brings a unique and innovative view of what is needed—from both an operational and technology perspective—to build a world class hosted analytics platform designed to improve companies’ and organizations’ profitability and efficiencies.

1. What is Big Data, and why do they want our personal/private information?
2. How are some ways we are losing our privacy due to the efforts of Big Data?
3. What are some ways Big Data is using our personal information?
4. How can we protect our privacy and stop Big Data from sharing our information?
5. Who are the players involved in Big Data, and how is this field changing?
6. What is the government doing to regulate this industry?
7. What are some aspects of the privacy debate, both for and against?
8. Does Internet neutrality play a role in the war of Big Data Vs. Privacy?
9. What is the most important thing consumers should know about these Data/Privacy issues?


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