Alienware M18X Gaming Notebook Leaked, Crazy Specs And All


    Milk it! The already-full Alienware notebook line is soon getting a new big brother in the form of an 18-inch gaming monster. The M18x briefly appeared on Dell’s Canadian site and listed all the pertinent information including the pricing and specs. Yeah, this big boy doesn’t come cheap, but it’s certainly a mobile powerhouse just like the M17x.

    Inside the M17x-ish casing is a Core i7 Extreme that’s overclockable to 4GHz, either AMD CrossFireX or Nvidia SLI GPUs, and up to 32GB of RAM. Of course with that much real estate on the massive casing there’s enough room for HDMI 1.4 port, dual headphone jacks, four USB jacks, VGA, Ethernet, eSATA, and an SD card slot. Alienware even included the impressive WirelessHD magic for cable-free fun.

    The Canadian site listed the starting price at $2,000 CAD ($2,088 USD) but add in all the fun parts and that’s likely to skyrocket. The launch is likely immanent since the product page is clearly ready. The little delay is probably for the best. It should give you enough time to clear some room on your credit card.

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    Alienware M18X Gaming Notebook Leaked, Crazy Specs And All


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