Amazon Prime gives you Audible streams for free


Amazon Prime members get a pretty decent bunch of benefits for their $99 a year subscription, and the list of goodies just got a bit longer. The online retail giant now offers its subscribers free access to Audible Channels , a collection of talk show-type streams and audiobooks that would normally cost $5 a month. Prime members can download the Audible app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 to access Channels, which will include ad-free programming and content from The Wall Street Journal , The New York Times , Charlie Rose , Harvard Business Review and The Onion , among others. It’ll also include 20 curated playlists around comedy, meditation and news, as well as a rotating selection of more than 50 audiobooks. In addition to free two-day shipping and now, free Audible content, a Prime subscription also gets you free access to Amazon’s video streaming service , a ton of ebooks, photo storage, early entry to certain deals and a somewhat limited selection of music. But the company could be boosting its library of songs , and that, together with the Audible offering, could really enhance the amount and quality of its content. Source: BusinessWire

Amazon Prime gives you Audible streams for free


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