Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer May Actually Make You Sicker


    you reach for that hand sanitizer, consider this: rather than killing
    germs, that action is actually more likely to make you – and society –

    What is worse, perhaps the most comprehensive study of the effectiveness
    of antibiotic and non-antibiotic soaps in the U.S., led by Elaine Larson
    at Columbia University (with Aiello as a coauthor), found that while
    for healthy hand washers there was no difference between the effects
    of the two, for chronically sick patients (those with asthma and diabetes,
    for example) antibiotic soaps were actually associated with increases
    in the frequencies of fevers, runny noses and coughs [4]. In other words,
    antibiotic soaps appeared to have made those patients sicker. Let me
    say that again: Most people who use antibiotic soap are no healthier
    than those who use normal soap. AND those individuals who are chronically
    sick and use antibiotic soap appear to get SICKER.

    Rob Dunn wrote a guest blog over at Scientific America that every germophobe
    should read: Link
    (Illustration: Don Smith) – via We,

    Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer May Actually Make You Sicker


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