Buy items right from their Facebook pages with the new Shop section


Facebook is on its way to becoming a one-stop shop for all of your social networking, selfie, news, disliking and retail therapy needs. Select merchants will now feature a Shop section on their Facebook pages, allowing customers to purchase items without leaving the site. The new section is made in collaboration with digital commerce company Shopify , and at first the Shop addition will be available only to Shopify retailers (at no additional charge). It’s designed with mobile devices in mind, since that’s where most of Facebook’s users are, Shopify says. “Existing Facebook Store apps don’t work on mobile devices, which is how most people now use Facebook, ” Shopify writes . “As well, existing Facebook Store apps only add a tab to your page, while the new Facebook Shop section appears as a larger section on your main Facebook Page…. Finally, the new Shop section includes a subscribe button that lets people get notified when you add new products.” Facebook and Shopify have been testing out the Shop function over the past few months. So far, Facebook doesn’t take a cut from sales secured via Shop. [GIF credit: Shopify] Filed under: Internet , Facebook Comments Via: Wired Source: Shopify Tags: facebook, shop, Shopify, shopping

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Buy items right from their Facebook pages with the new Shop section


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