MIDI Association Explains ‘Capability Inquiry’ Features In MIDI 2.0

Friday the MIDI Association published an introduction to MIDI 2.0, describing updates to the already-evolving 36-year-old standard, including MIDI-CI, Profiles and Property Exchange: MIDI 2.0 updates MIDI with new...

Stronger than aluminum, a heavily altered wood cools passively

<a href="https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/lisci3HR.jpg" class="enlarge-link" data-height="1536" data-width="2... G2Reader / kenmay /

In A World First, Scientists Change Snail’s Shell-Coiling Direction With CRISPR

"Most snails are 'righties'. Now scientists have found genes that can change the shell coiling direction, " writes the New York Times. ( Non-paywalled version here ) ...

Uber will deactivate riders with low ratings

Rude behavior or leaving trash behind could get you... G2Reader / kenmay /

New Paper Confirms Near-Room-Temperature Superconductivity in Wild, Hydrogen-Rich Material

A team of physicists has published peer-reviewed <a href="https://press.nature.com/wp-content/uploads/files/2019/05/41586_2019_1201_OnlinePDF_300Eremets.pdf" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" onclick="window.ga('s... G2Reader / kenmay /

FDA safety scandal: 50K hidden reports of heart device malfunctioning

<a href="https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/GettyImages-49... G2Reader / kenmay /

Intel’s Core i9-9900KS CPU can run all eight cores at 5GHz

It wouldn't be Computex if Intel didn't have some sort of geek-friendly CPU reve... G2Reader / kenmay /

NASA officially orders its first segment of a lunar space station

Maxar has been selected to build and fly the first element of NASA’s lunar Gateway. (credit: <a ... G2Reader / kenmay /

Samsung chips promise secure 100W USB-C fast charging

Samsung <a href="https://news.samsung.com/global/fast-charging-evolves-with-more... G2Reader / kenmay /

2Doom: free 2D Doom demake

2Doom is a 2D demake of the classic first-person shooter Doom, featuring faithfully-drawn sprites in a side-scrolling arcade adventure. Despite its cute pixel art, prepare for an intens... G2Reader...