Could a Computer Write This Story?


    An anonymous reader tips an article at CNN about the development of technology that automates the process of writing news articles. It started with simple sports reporting, but now at least one company is setting its sights on more complicated articles. Quoting:
    “Narrative Science then began branching out into finance and other topics that are driven heavily by data. Soon, Hammond says, large companies came looking for help sorting huge amounts of data themselves. ‘I think the place where this technology is absolutely essential is the area that’s loosely referred to as big data,’ Hammond said. ‘So almost every company in the world has decided at one point that in order to do a really good job, they need to meter and monitor everything.’ … Meanwhile, Hammond says Narrative Science is looking to eventually expand into long form news stories. That’s an idea that’s unsettling to some journalism experts.”

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    Could a Computer Write This Story?


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