Development of MP 1.3.0


    We are fast approaching the Alpha release of MP 1.3.0! To further enhance the stability of our product, we now include only changes that have been fully tested and documented.

    This means that our developers post threads in the Area 51 section of the forum depending on the scale of the change, you can download either a full installer, or binary files for testing.

    So the community plays a very big role in the process of determining which changes will be included in a release and which will not because you can now test every single feature during its development!

    We have set 18 May 2012 as the deadline for changes to be finalized and merged with the master of our GIT repository.
    The release of 1.3.0 Alpha is then planned for 14 days later.

    So head over to Area 51, and help us testing. The more testing these changes receive, the higher the chances are that you will see them included in 1.3.0, and the faster development will proceed to the final release.

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    Development of MP 1.3.0


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