DocTrackr offers file tracking, analytics, without the paranoia


    In the physical world, when you share a record or a book with a friend, it’s still technically yours. But in the digital world, where documents aren’t so much shared as they are copied, it’s difficult for content creators to maintain control.

    Sharing a Word document chock-full of sensitive information isn’t like lending out your beloved old copy of Paul’s Boutique, after all. You can forward that document to multiple people, edit its contents, and print out as many copies as you want. And in most cases, the content creator is likely none the wiser. Clément Cazalot believed there had to be a better—and easier—way to keep such crucial documents in check.

    Rather than create a paranoid tool for paranoid people, Cazalot and his cofounder Alex Negrea created DocTrackr, a file tracking service that also gathers usage analytics. The service tracks how and where documents are being viewed and shared—and boasts a handy kill switch to revoke access altogether, if needed—with the hopes of giving creators a better idea of how their content is being used.

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    DocTrackr offers file tracking, analytics, without the paranoia


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