E Ink Shows Off More Flexible, Crunchable Screens


    It seems like everybody and their dog is trying to get a flexible display out there. TDK, Sony, LG, HP, and most recently Bridgestone are all going nuts trying to make this happen. E Ink is no exception, and although they’re not planning on putting out a successor to their Pearl screen this year, they aren’t standing still, either.

    The Digital Reader managed to wangle a few demo videos of cutting-edge E Ink tech at an event a couple weeks ago. Here’s E Ink displays using cloth and Tyvek material as bases:

    Although E Ink is the market leader, it’s wide open to disruption. The companies mentioned above have their own projects, and academics are getting into the game, too.

    [via Engadget]

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    E Ink Shows Off More Flexible, Crunchable Screens


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