Every Voter In The Philippines Exposed In Massive Data Breach


schwit1 writes: “The database of the Philippine Commission on Elections has been breached and the personal information of 55 million voters potentially exposed in what could rank as the worst ever government data breach anywhere, ” according to Infosecurity Magazine. The magazine attributes an initial web site breach to Anonymous, who were reportedly trying to persuade the commission to enable more security features on their automated vote-counting system before upcoming national elections on May 9. A second group named LulzSec Pilipinas then later posted the entire voter database online. Trend Micro originally broke the story, writing that “Every registered voter in the Philippines is now susceptible to fraud and other risks after a massive data breach leaked the entire database of the Philippines’ Commission on Elections.” They report that the breached data even included 15.8 million fingerprint records, as well as 1.3 million records for overseas Filipino voters, including their passports’ numbers and expiration dates, all stored in plain text. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Every Voter In The Philippines Exposed In Massive Data Breach


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