Fans rejoice: Bryan Fuller named showrunner on new Star Trek series


Maybe we’ll be hanging out on the USS Reliant for this series. (credit: Paramount) Ever since Paramount announced last year that it would be launching a new Star Trek TV series, rumors have swirled about what it might be like. Now we know that the show is in good hands, at least when it comes to the writing. Bryan Fuller, who also worked on Deep Space Nine  and Voyager , will be taking the helm as showrunner . Despite his long association with the Star Wars franchise, Fuller is probably best known for creating his own original visions on television in beloved cult series like Pushing Daisies  and Hannibal.  He has a flair for the weird, and he’s drawn to stories that are driven by characters as well as gripping plots. He’s currently working on a miniseries of Neil Gaiman’s classic novel American Gods for Starz. Obviously we can’t get too excited until we know what Fuller has planned, but I think cautious optimism is in order. Fuller knows the Trek universe, and he’s a smart writer who isn’t afraid to strike out in interesting new directions. Read 6 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Fans rejoice: Bryan Fuller named showrunner on new Star Trek series


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