Freedom Clip rids you of Keurig’s coffee pod tyranny


Keurig’s K-Cup 2.0 DRM protection didn’t keep rogue pods out of its coffee machines for long , and another company created an add-on to bypass the system. The Rogers Family Company, a purveyor of some of those unapproved coffee products, made the appropriately-named Freedom Clip: a small insert that’ll allow you to use those “non-approved” coffee and tea servings. Keurig’s newer machines recognize special ink on the tops of its officially licensed pods, and those lacking the identifier won’t work. The clip tricks machines into thinking the security measure is present, and the folks at Rogers are giving it away for free. Of course, it’s probably hoping you’ll nab a box of pods as a display of gratitude. [Lead photo credit: Richard Levine/Alamy] Filed under: Household Comments Via: TechCrunch Source: Rogers Family Company

Freedom Clip rids you of Keurig’s coffee pod tyranny


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