Google compute cloud load balances 1 million requests per second for $10


We hold Google ransom for… one million Web requests. New Line Cinema Google Compute Engine, the company’s infrastructure-as-a-service cloud that competes against Amazon Web Services, is trying to take reliability and scale to the extreme. Yesterday, the company said it was able to serve “one million load balanced requests per second” with a single IP address receiving the traffic and distributing it across 200 Web servers. Each of the million requests was just “one byte in size not including the http headers,” Google Performance Engineering Manager Anthony F. Voellm wrote in a blog . It’s thus not representative of real-world traffic, but the simulation shows that Compute Engine should be able to let websites absorb big bursts in traffic without shutting down. According to Google, the test showed the load balancer was able to serve the aforementioned one million requests “within five seconds after the setup and without any pre-warming.” The test ran for more than seven minutes. “The 1M number is measuring a complete request and successful response,” Voellm wrote. Read 9 remaining paragraphs | Comments        

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Google compute cloud load balances 1 million requests per second for $10


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