iCade Mobile, The Gaming Adapter For iPhone, Now Shipping



    Good news, everybody! The iCade Mobile, a Bluetooth case that slides around your iPhone, allowing you to play games using a trackpad and read buttons, is now shipping for $80. The iCade Core, an arcade joystick for the iPad, is also shipping. It costs $100.

    Announced a few months ago, folks have been waiting breathlessly to play Megaworm with a trackpad. The devices should be available at ThinkGeek and you can check them out here. You can check out the Core here.

    With iCade Mobile, gamers using iPhone or iPod touch finally have a true tactile controller. While touch screens are great for some games, when it comes to mastering intense combat, racing, or adventure games it helps to have more than a touch screen. That’s the problem iCade Mobile solves—it gives gamers all the tactile controls they need for mobile gaming: a four-way directional pad, action buttons and four triggers, each designed to withstand even the most fierce button mashing. And iCade Mobile’s cradle for iPhone or iPod touch conveniently swivels and locks into horizontal or vertical viewing positions, allowing each game to be played and viewed the right way.

    The joysticks support over 400 games, a marked improvement over the first iCade versions, and are presumably great for arcade-style shooters.

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    iCade Mobile, The Gaming Adapter For iPhone, Now Shipping


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