Important Scrabble News: Two New Q (without U) Words

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    The official scrabble list of words has undergone another update to reflect the changing nature of language. The big news is that there are two new words using the letter Q that do not require U.

    QIN (n): A Chinese zither, with strings stretched across a flat box. Scrabble score: 12


    FIQH (n): An expansion of Islamic sharia law, based directly on the Koran and Sunnah. Scrabble score: 19

    So, word up folks. Print this out and be prepared. There are other words also added to the list including Wagyu (a Japanese Beef) and Webzine (which should make us all happy).

    (via The Scotsman)

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    Important Scrabble News: Two New Q (without U) Words


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