Kobo Customers Losing Books From Their Libraries After Software Upgrade


Reader Robotech_Master writes: After a recent Kobo software upgrade, a number of Kobo customers have reported losing e-books from their libraries — notably, e-books that had been transferred to Kobo from their Sony Reader libraries when Sony left the consumer e-book business. One customer reported missing 460 e-books, and the only way to get them back in her library would be to search and re-add them one at a time! Customers who downloaded their e-books and illegally broke the DRM don’t have this problem, of course.From the report: A Kobo representative actually chimed in on the thread, telling MobileRead users that they were following the thread and trying to fix the glitches that had been caused by the recent software changes and restore customers’ e-books. It’s good that they’re paying attention, and that’s definitely better than my first go-round with Barnes and Noble support over my own missing e-book. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted out soon. That being said, this drives home yet again the point that publisher-imposed DRM has made and is making continued maintenance of e-book libraries from commercial providers a big old mess. About the only way you can be sure you can retain the e-books you pay for is to outright break the law and crack the DRM in order to be able to back them up against your company going out of business and losing the purchases you paid for. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Kobo Customers Losing Books From Their Libraries After Software Upgrade


  1. We continually make enhancements to Kobo’s eReading service to offer our customers the best possible reading experience—we pride ourselves on our open platform to ensure passionate readers have access to all their books on wide variety of eReaders and other popular devices. As part of an update to the management section of Kobo libraries online, we encountered a bug that affected a small percentage of customers, where select books were not visible for a short period of time. The books were never removed from these customers’ accounts, and were always available on E-Ink eReaders and reading apps they may have been using. This issue has now been resolved and all books should now properly appear in affected customers’ libraries.


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