Mario’s Raccoon Suit Enrages PETA


    Join Google+ Kenneth May is using Google+. Join Google+ to connect with the people who matter most. Kenneth May Kenneth May – Post date: 2011-11-15 – Public Mario’s Raccoon Suit Enrages PETA redletterdave writes “PETA believes Nintendo’s iconic plumber Mario takes a ‘pro fur’ stance” because he ‘wears the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers’ in the new handheld game released Nov. 13. PETA illustrated its disgust with Nintendo in an online campaign called ‘Mario Kills Tanooki.’ The page includes a side-scrolling Super Mario-style game called ‘Super Tanooki Skin 2D,’ where you play an angry, skinless tanuki that must chase a bloody raccoon-pelt-wearing -Mario across a 1… +2 1 comment 0 older comments Daniel Richman – Love it! Makes me miss the old days. Go Mario!

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    Mario’s Raccoon Suit Enrages PETA


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