MediaPortal 2.0 Alpha – RELEASED


    The MediaPortal Team is very proud to announce our first Alpha release of the long anticipated MediaPortal 2.

    You can find the download link at the bottom of these release notes, but it has been placed at the bottom for a reason. There are few things you need to understand before you begin the installation.

    • This is an “Alpha Release”, meaning support features will be on the lighter side, while bugs and errors could be on the heavier side.
    • While most people will download MP2 to “check it out”, we need to know what you think, so please help us by filling in bug reports. Find out how here.
    • You can have MP2 installed and working along side your MP1 installation. Have no fear that looking at MP2 will harm your MP1 setup.
    • There are not many plugins supported for MP2 as of yet, so do not think that MP2 is ready to replace your MP1… remember this is an Alpha Release.

    Why MediaPortal 2?

    Normally in this section of MediaPortal’s release notes, we go over changes and offer many links to the changelog. Well, MP2 is brand new, nothing has changed as it has

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    MediaPortal 2.0 Alpha – RELEASED


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