Microsoft’s New “Magic Wall”: A Holodeck in Your Living Room?


    might’ve missed
    the boat
    when it comes to Tablets, but it might just have an ace up
    its sleeves. Check out Joshua Topolsky
    of The Verge touring Microsoft’s Edison Lab, where a team of really smart
    people are building a magic wall:

    Stevie Bathiche, director of research at Microsoft’s applied sciences
    lab, says to “imagine a day where in your home, one wall is dedicated
    to being your magic wall. A wall where it can teleport you to another
    world without really going anywhere.” Bathiche shows off a number
    of systems that aim to accomplish this vision, including a system that
    projects LED light to detect a human being’s movements in space, and
    a glasses-free stereoscopic display that can be “steered”
    by the viewer as they move.

    | More from the Microsoft
    Research tour series
    on The Verge

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    Microsoft’s New “Magic Wall”: A Holodeck in Your Living Room?


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