Mystery of Duqu Programming Language Solved


    wiredmikey writes “Earlier this month, researchers from Kaspersky Lab reached out to the security and programming community in an effort to help solve a mystery related to ‘Duqu,’ the Trojan often referred to as ‘Son of Stuxnet’, which surfaced in October 2010. The mystery rested in a section of code written an unknown programming language and used in the Duqu Framework, a portion of the Payload DLL used by the Trojan to interact with Command & Control (C&C) servers after the malware infected system. Less than two weeks later, Kaspersky Lab experts now say with a high degree of certainty that the Duqu framework was written using a custom object-oriented extension to C, generally called ‘OO C’ and compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler 2008 (MSVC 2008) with special options for optimizing code size and inline expansion.”

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    Mystery of Duqu Programming Language Solved


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