Online Car Retailer Launching Nation’s First Car "Vending Machine"


cartechboy writes “Last year’s Gallup poll showed that car salespeople are the least trusted professionals in America, ranking even below members of Congress. Enter, Carvana, an online dealership operating in Atlanta, Georgia. They allow customers to shop for cars online, secure loans online, and pay for cars online. Now they have gone one step farther and are claiming to remove the despised car salesperson from test drives and even post-purchase pickup by creating, yes, a giant auto vending machine. The facility, which will open at the end of November, will be a fully digital, 24-7 interactive ‘vehicle-delivery center’ designed to offer customers pick-up options after purchasing a vehicle online. They’ll have floor-to-ceiling windows, custom LED lighting, flat screen TV’s plus interactive keypads that identify customers based on unique buyer credentials. There will be three car pickup bays to allow for simultaneous pickups. One thing they won’t have: car sales people (Note: there will be customer service reps there to answer questions). Carvana plans to expand on the idea, presumably if this Atlanta facility works.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Online Car Retailer Launching Nation’s First Car "Vending Machine"


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