Review: Mophie’s Space Pack doubles your iPhone’s battery, storage, and size


The Mophie Space Pack is an iPhone case with an integrated battery and 16 or 32GB of internal storage. Andrew Cunningham Specs at a glance: Mophie Space Pack Storage 16 or 32GB integrated NAND Ports MicroUSB 2.0 for charging Size 5.66″ 2.57″ x 0.63″ (143.76 x 65.28 x 16mm) Weight 2.80 oz (79.38g) Battery 1700mAh Warranty 1 year Starting Price $149.95 for 16GB, $179.95 for 32GB Compatibility iPhone 5 and 5S only. Not compatible with fifth-gen iPod touch or iPhone 5C. I bought one of Mophie’s external battery packs not long after we reviewed one in mid-2012 , and since then it’s become one of my favorite travel companions. My phone is in near-constant use while I’m traveling for work, whether I’m transmitting communications to the Ars Orbiting HQ , tethering my computer to my phone, or shooting some quick on-the-fly video or pictures without digging out my DSLR. The upside to an external battery pack is that I can plug pretty much anything into it, from an iPhone to an Android tablet to a Chromebook 11 . The bad thing is that you have to remember to have it on you, and you also need to carry around the necessary cables at all times. That’s where Mophie’s Space Pack comes in—it’s a revised version of the company’s Juice Pack battery cases with a twist. In addition to a 1,700mAh battery, it includes either 16GB or 32GB of storage that you can use to augment your iPhone’s internal storage. It’s not for everyone, but for some iPhone 5 and 5S users among you, it just might be able to kill three birds with one stone. The case The case slides on to your iPhone 5 or 5S. Pull the two parts back apart to get the phone out of the case. Andrew Cunningham The case itself is very similar to Mophie’s existing Juice Pack Plus or Juice Pack Air, the largest and second-largest battery cases the company sells. Its 1,700mAh battery is identical to the Air, and they share roughly equal physical dimensions and weight (the Space Pack is very slightly larger and heavier, but it’s hard to tell the difference). It comes apart in two pieces that slide onto the phone and interlock. The bottom of the case has a male Lightning connector that goes into the phone, but you charge the case itself with the same micro USB port that you might find in an Android or Windows phone or tablet. Read 15 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Review: Mophie’s Space Pack doubles your iPhone’s battery, storage, and size


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