Rumor: Windows 8 To Use Kinect-Like Facial Recognition


    Hackers poring through the leaked Windows 8 M1 build have found some interesting evidence suggesting that Microsoft’s next OS may automatically recognize its users, a la Kinect.

    An API relating to “Detect[ing] human presence” was combined with some earlier Microsoft suggestions that ubiquitous webcams by 2012 would make easy login as simple as checking the user’s face when they sit down. And of course the Kinect does this already — with a lower-resolution camera than many webcams. Voila: rumor!

    My only issue is that it suggests the webcam or bezel cam will, in a way, be always on. Not the most reassuring notion to those of us concerned about privacy.

    [via WMPowerUser]

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    Rumor: Windows 8 To Use Kinect-Like Facial Recognition


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