Sonos launches iPhone, iPod Touch app


    Those of you with Sonos equipment already filling your abode with the sweet tunes of your music library and an iPhone or iPod Touch should promptly hit up Apple’s App Store and download their free app now. It may or may not be available right this second, but it should make its way to the App Store sometime today. There are two other Sonos apps currently available but they want you to pay $15 for each.

    Having seen the app in person I can say that it’s very intuitive and easy to use. You will also be prompted to update your Sonos’ firmware to 2.7 today so that it is compatible with the software. So if you bought Sonos equipment in 2005 and you own an iPhone then you’re sittin’ pretty. A demo of the app in action and other screen shots are available after the jump.

    But that’s not the only announcement Sonos has for today.

    Sonos 2.7 unleashes 15,000 Internet radio stations from across the globe and free access to and Pandora (everything syncs on the fly with both and Pandora to your accounts online).

    Other new features of Sonos System Software 2.7 include:
    • Updated Rhapsody support with improved sound quality. Rhapsody now streams at 192 MP3 (versus 128 kbps WMA previously).
    • Support for RTSP streaming protocol which allows for expanded Internet Radio coverage.
    • Dutch and Swedish languages are now supported in the Sonos system software. Sonos already supports English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
    • For more information about the features of Sonos Software 2.7, please visit:


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    Sonos launches iPhone, iPod Touch app


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