Tabletop gaming: modeling tips and tricks



    Our friend Gareth Branwyn (editor-in-chief of Make Online) has written a wonderful and detailed “Skill Builder” article on tabletop gaming.

    In the early aughts, I ran a popular and well-regarded tabletop wargame modeling and converting site called 40K Konversions. It was dedicated to all forms of modeling related to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. For those who don’t know, “conversions” are wargame miniatures that have been altered in some way, from swapping legs or heads to creating whole new figures by parts swapping, sculpting on new features, and so on. Unfortunately, my site is no longer accessible. I went through my articles from the site and have put together some of the best tips and tricks that I published.

    Skill Builder: Tabletop Gaming — Modeling Tips and Tricks

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    Tabletop gaming: modeling tips and tricks


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