The OGT Tablet Holds The Title As The Slimmest Android Tablet — For Now


    You can’t really tell from this quick demo video, but what you’re peeping is the bulimic OGT Tablet. The company says it’s the slimmest Android tablet on this green planet and I can’t find anything to the contrary. It’s even thinner and lighter than the sickly iPad 2. But that doesn’t mean this Android slate is lacking in the tech department either. Nope, according to AndroidCentral, this kid packs the goods.

    Inside the trim 7mm casing is a 1GHz CPU, 16 or 32GB flash memory, and a 188 ppi screen. (the iPad 2 is 132 ppi) Plus, the MicroSD card slot works out of the box and there are dual cameras with a 5MP on the rear and 3MP ’round front. If that’s not enough, the OGT Tablet will be offered in both 3G and WiFi models.

    The official product page still shows a teaser pic and email honeypot, but the YouTube video seems to say the official word will drop shortly. This tablet seems to have the right specs to stand out, but that’s generally not enough. Marketing and distribution are the keys to Apple’s success. Those two latter items will be required if OGT Mobile plans on moving more than a few thousand units.

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    The OGT Tablet Holds The Title As The Slimmest Android Tablet — For Now


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