This Wii emulator lets you buy actual games from Nintendo’s Shop Channel


A short video explains the new functionality that lets the Dolphin emulator access the official Wii Shop Channel. Perfect accuracy is an extremely ambitious goal for any console emulator to shoot for, and it’s one that many emulators never come close to achieving. The team behind the open source Dolphin emulator took a major step closer to reaching that goal last week, though, releasing a new version that can actually purchase and download games legitimately from the Wii Shop Channel. Accessing Nintendo’s Shop Channel servers from the PC-based emulator isn’t exactly a plug-and-play affair. For one thing, you’ll need to use some homebrew software on an actual Wii to dump the contents of the system’s NAND memory . From there, you have to use some special software tools to extract the certificates and keys that Nintendo uses when validating connections to its online servers. With all that in place, though, Version 5.0-2874 of Dolphin can now connect to the Wii Shop Channel servers to download WiiWare and Virtual Console games. The emulator will even let you re-download games that were previously purchased on the original Wii itself and let you enter a valid credit card to purchase new games. (This is why people use emulators, right?) Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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This Wii emulator lets you buy actual games from Nintendo’s Shop Channel


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